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Courses for Parents

Parent Lifeline (Helpline for Parents) runs courses for parents and carers of children of all ages. The courses present various parenting strategies. We consider what influences behaviour, well-being, child-parent relationships and what helps.

Comments from participants

"I found the course very useful and very positive."
"I feel much calmer and more confident."
"The videos were very helpful."
"The book is great."
"I found it useful to hear that other people have similar difficulties."
"Raised my awareness of how I interact with my children, improved relationships with all members of the family, helped me become more relaxed."
"I enjoyed meeting other people and sharing tips, ideas and stories."
"I'm trying to ignore misbehaviour more, do more good listening and not lecture, nag or shout as much. And it is working (most of the time)."


Our first course for parents, which started on the 4 th November 1997, was made possible by three events earlier that year. These provided the expertise, time and facilities required.
First Angela attended a workshop run by Michael Quinn, director of the Family Caring Trust and Co-ordinator of a series of parenting programmes. She thought these programmes, which used videos, discussion and course handbooks to present strategies for dealing with and improving relationships, were very impressive and would help most parents.
Second, her early retirement provided the necessary time and third, whilst updating our information, Angela contacted Sheffield Mind to ask if they still ran a mother and toddler group. She was informed that they didn't as they were short of a leader but they did have room and crèche facilities available if we were interested. I was keen to discuss this and arranged to meet Lily Barker, a project worker at Mind.
Like all participants in the parenting programmes, she had left the workshop with a course handbook and she took "From Pram to Primary School" to show Lily. After much discussion it was decided to run this course as a joint venture between the two organisations.
Another Parent Lifeline volunteer and Angela co-led the first course. Subsequently, with the aid of additional co-leaders, a second programme, "Being Assertive" was introduced and the number of groups gradually increased to meet demand.
In 2010 it was decided to run these courses on our own, in our Sheffield office or taken out into the community for existing groups.

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